Friday, November 17, 2006

What Global Warming??

Canada has done the correct thing concerning global warming. The LIEberals did VERY LITTLE in its feeble attempt to curb emssions.The Conservitives were right in telling the world of the LIEberals lack of work on this so called problem.

There are several web sites that refute global warming uch as:

The list can go on and on.

If the myth of global warming was true, why didn't the other opposition parties take the LIEberals to task. The Conservitives brought it up, but the LIEberals said they were working on it. Ten years and during the last year before the election, did the LIEberals do anything, very little. The LIEberal party is responsable for the increase, because of their lack of action.

It is good to have a party the is interested in the envirement and has a made-in-Canada solution. Perhaps they might look into how the USA cut its own emissions.



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