Saturday, January 06, 2007


I came across this petition on the post below. This should make your day J

I wanted to sign it as follows:

PET II Just got home from hospital I was born to see this?! When I grow up and am Prime Minister they all will pay.

I hope it is still up [go to petition and view signatures]

If Kham was an advisor to Harper, and Harper considered the advice, why would he be forced to decide? Who to choose? A leader who listens or a leader who is following “Baghdad Bob” saying that there is no problem within the ranks of the LIEberal party. Martin could have stopped him, Dion could have stopped him as soon as he was elected leaded – but didn’t.

Example of Leadership styles:

Dion says that he will bring back the CWB if elected. Does this mean that ALL farmers in Canada will be forced to be under the dictatorship of the CWB – this INCLUDES Ontario and Quebec farmers. [If Harper wants to loose every seat in Ontario and Quebec then he would say; “Ok, keep the CWB but ALL farmers in Canada will fall under the board’s rulings – he would loose every seat in the rest of Canada] The difference in leadership is that Harper wants to dismantle this Communistic/discrimination system and free Western Canadian farmers with a choice of how to handle their grain sales. Dion likes control and keeping people under bondage and believes in: “my way or no way” attitude.”

The latest ploy is Dion to distance himself from Khan and the environment by trying to get our proud troops out of Afghanistan, when victory is so close. France is pulling out of its commitment there, does he want to follow Frances’s leadership or stay committed to their agreement with NATO. [Does his French citizenship have something to do with this decision? I wonder] If he follows their leadership Dion can say the same about Kyoto agreement. {Though precedent was set when the first Red Book – of LIEbrals broken promised of breaking the GST GRITS SUPPORT TORIES tax – being abolished.}

The LIEberals are master promise breakers – just like when Dion and others did very little on environment while he was in charge. The LIEberal now have a chance to work on a all party solution to the environment, but will not because they cannot work with others because the “glory” would be shared by all – not just the LIEberals.

The LIEberals think of Canada last and powre first - The Clown Party of Canada would give that powre back by having all parties working together for the good of Canada and not the party.


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