Thursday, March 08, 2007

CWB back under LIEberals

There are somewho still think the CWB is good foe Western Canada. I have stated several times that if Ont. and Que. were forced to be under the CWB, it would be gone within two weeks. LIEberals under DeYawn want to bring it back if dismantled, such as [March 8, 2007] thinks it is a good idea.

The farmers that I talked to in western Canada at the least want a choice to be out of the CWB. At the same time, while talking to Eastern farmers many weere unaware of the tacticts of the CWB.

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I thought you were from Ontario. Only a LIEberal and farmers east of Manitoba think in such terms. The only farmers DeYawn stands up for is in Ontario and Quebec – for votes - knowing that if there is a level playing field it would not be good for them.

If the farmers in the East were FORCED into the CWB it would be dismantled in two weeks.
This dictatorial plan keeps western farmers in bondage to the point where some have been jailed for selling their own grain. Have you actually gone out west and talked with farmers that want it dismantled, or even given a choice to be a member? I don’t think so. The LIEberals have been concentrating on central Canada so long that the West “wanted in” but was constantly rejected. You think under DeYawn that the west will be free to choose, no way. Watch for the separatists out west, something that DeYawn is unaware of, but there is an undercurrent there that feel strongly to leave Canada.

No wonder DeYawn wants to bring the CWB back if the present government dismantles it – HE HATES THE WEST like all LIEberals. Most farmers want a choice – something that all the governments in the past until now didn’t consider. It is about time something was done for the Western Canadian farmers, and the present government is starting to listen to them.

I see you were the Vice-President of Journalist for Human Rights and Justice …. Why do you not want justice for western farmers? Their freedom of choice is gone under the CWB, and you want to keep it? Did you even know that some of the employees of the CWB receive a $1,000.00 bonus at Christmas because of “stress” while farmers are struggling? But what do you care, as long as the central Canadian farmers are protected by the LIEberals under DeYawn.


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