Thursday, August 30, 2007

Been away, yet active

I have been on the road and commenting on other blogs since the last post. When I get a regular schedule I will be posting again.

The LIEberals are presently trying to get back into power through their leader DeYawn - who has bad communication skills in English. One has to listen very closely to what he says, and even then his message is not clear.

I also noticed that the Red [LIEberal And Green Party] or the R.A.G. party will not permit candidates to run in areas of Canada where they have a poor chance if getting elected. Such as DeYawn's ridding - where the Green Party will not run against against him. I wonder what they will do in Western Canada. Though it doesn't matter since they have to keep the votes in Central Canada to win a majority. Then look out Canada - all of the positive things the present government has done will be for nothing.


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