Saturday, December 23, 2006

CWB Problem Solved

I know of a way to solve the problem of the Canadian Wheat Board.

Simply FORCE the Ontario and Quebec farmers to fall under the CWB rules. Can you imagine how the Ontario and Quebec farmers would feel to be treated equally throughout ALL of Canada?

The freedom to choose how their wheat is sold would be taken away. The wheat in their grain bins would belong to the CWB. (This sounds like the communistic system to me.) I grantee that in two weeks the CWB would not be around.

The LIEbrals [Dion] want to bring back the CWB, ok, then place All farmers throughout Canada under their jurisdiction. The LIEberals would loose so many votes that they would be like the Conservative party 14 years ago - two seats. They would never place them under the bondage of the CWB.

The LIEberal party will say anything, yet with Ontario and Quebec farmers exempt from the CWB, they can continue to take the freedom of CHOICE from Western Canadians.

(Personally, I think it would be good to keep the CWB under the umbrella of giving Western farmers a CHOICE of what they can do with their own grain, like in Ontario and Quebec.)