Friday, February 02, 2007

LIEbrals want to shut down Canada

The LIEberal government wants complete control of the West from the CWB to the oil industry. The LIEberals dislike anybody that can thing contrary to their plans. The LIEberals want control of Alberta tarsand production.

Source for comments:

" Y2Kyoto: Dion Liberals Would Control Oil Sand Development" Feb 2, 2007

Does this also mean that the LIEberals will stop industry in central Canada?

Toronto has pollution so bad that on some days there are smog alerts, this is brought on by their manufacturing industry. The LIEberals should send all jobs to other countries such as China, India and other polluting countries.

The LIEberals should stop Bombardier and Air Canada grants _ since jets contribute to air pollution, not to mention any gas motor. Forget about the jobs - people not working will not pollute - unless they exercise.

Next they should stop all auto manufacturing in Canada and force all Canadians to use their feet or bicyclers _ try travelling between Regina and Winterpeg in winter.

Next the LIEberals should control _ or put a tax on _ exercise. [After all if a person exercises they breath harder and use more oxygen than a couch_potato]

Perhaps others can add to the list of what the LIEberals should impairment when they get [LOL] back into power. [The problem is, Ontario and Quebec still LOVE the LIEberals, even if they continue to mislead Canadians. - just like this UN report]

Seriously though, the LIEberal government has always disliked anything from the West and loves Ontario and Quebec _ in particular Toronto, the biggest polluting city in Canada.

The Tory plan is NOT perfect, yet at least they have suggested changes that the LIEberal government fears, since it would not only cut pollution but also emissions. But then again they might charge them of stealing their platform.