Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's true LIEberals are corrupt

It's true, I found a LIEberal that admitted they had a corrupt overnment. I was under: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 Where is Stephen Harper?

in the comments section. I include my coments in this blog.

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He is very busy with his staff looking over the books and perhaps thinking of laying charges against the LIEberals. Stockwell Day already mentioned that Canadians will be shocked at the true cost of the gun regestry.

"The Canadian electorate has become jaded by years of political corruption, so the CPC will get away with this and no consequences."

Finally an honest LIEberal!!!

You mean to say, "... The Canadian electorate has become jaded by years of political corruption ..."

I do not believe it!!!

Let te bell ring out, let the banners fly, its true It is true!!!

Now if only you could convince your fellow LIEberals of this FACT!!!!!

" ... so the CPC will get away with this and no consequences."

I guess it was from watching the last two Prime Ministers do this and habbits are hard to break.

At least the LIEberals have something that the Conservitves don't have - sitting in the opposition.

It sounds good and worth repeating ... LIEberals in opposition ... one more time for Canada's sake, LIEberals in opposition

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The LIEberals are starting to admit this more often now that some more of the corruption is comming out. It should be an interseting /paralament when it resumes.


Friday, February 17, 2006

LIEberal Nerve

Original post can be found at: Thursday, February 16, 2006

Title: The Conservatives Have Misled Voters

"I ask the Canadian electorate the following; do you enjoy supporting a government which goes back on its word? Would you vote for this government again? Apparently yes. If the Conservative party were to stay true to it's claims of Accountability, Opportunity, and Security this type of 'wheeling and dealing' would not happen. We must have misunderstood the catch phrases of the Conservatives... Accountable only to themselves, Opportunity for their friends, and Security to those who they see fit."

Let us see:

"Do you enjoy supporting a government which goes back on its word?"
Well, the LIEberal had promised that the Grits Support Tories tax would be abolished when they got into power. Still paying the GST! Yes, over the years the LIEberal constantly went back on their word.

"Would you vote for this government again?"

Finally people did not believe the LIEberal fear tactics - except Toronto - and gave the Conservatives a chance. Now that much of the truth of the gun registry is coming out all Canadians will see how the LIEberal Party of Canada kept them in the dark.
Therefore I ask - who would believe the LIEberals on any matter. The LIEberals can not accuse any other party without looking into a mirror. Have they broken promises - more than you can think. Are the LIEberals accountable - the last two weeks before the election the PM Paul Martin and his hangmen made missions of dollars of promises to bribe voters. They even went so far as to say that there should be no weapons in space.

"We must have misunderstood the catch phrases of the Conservatives... "

"Accountable only to themselves"

Isn’t this what the LIEberals had done for twelve years? They were very "self serving" and made any promise to stay in power so the "books" wouldn’t be opened.

"Opportunity for their friends." This is almost the funniest thing I see - the friends of the past two LIEberal Prime Ministers have ALWAYS been given "opportunities" that would shame a normal person. "Doublemint Dingwall is getting over $400,000 plus pension benefits," now if tat wasn’t an opportunity for a friend, I don’t know what is. In fact if the Canadian voters knew this before the election - which the PM Paul Martin knew three days before election day - that this would have destroyed the LIEberal Party

"Security to those who they see fit."

Dingwall again as an example. Yet financial security is common to the LIEberals - Adscam is a perfect example - 'nuffsaid about that.

Therefore, what have the LIEberals got to say about condemning the Conservative Party - while they have and will have more problems to be worried about, as more and more books are opened.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crossing the floor

Liebral, Liebral, Liebral. (no spelling mistake - it is LIEbral because all the lies they have given to Canada.)

"David Emerson said that he would participate in the debate regarding and possibly even vote for federal anti-floor-crossing legislation." posted by Braeden Caley a Liebral Bloger.

What is wrong with David participating in such adebate? Should Belinda Stronach (Tory - turn- Liebral turncoat) be involved in the debate? (She should have exposed the "Hidden Agenda" as soon as she switched sides. Just a thought. She could not because there is none.) Should any member of Paralament that crossed the floor be involved in the debate?

Why do tey usually crosss the floor?

A.) If a member believes that the party they represent are misleading their political beliefs -

Example of broken promises as the scraping of the Grits Support Tories Tax (that is GST for those who remember the Liebral promise.) Chretien and Paul Martin promised this. Chretien verbarly - though he denied it in national tv when asked by a waitress and Paul Martin by the printing of the Liebral Red Book.

Perhaps David knew about the verdict of the former Canada Mint director who was "fired" by PM Paul Martin and his severance package of about hakf a million dollars because he ws "enitled" to it. If this would have come out before election day the Liebrals would have been devastated - except for Toronto who would vote for corruption and poilticans who "bear false witness" to all Canadians no matter what.

B) Are corrupt and about to be exposed.

How many Liebrals will jump the "Titanic" when the books are opened and the waste of my hard earned tax dollars are not accounted for? The Auditor should look at all the agencies of the Government of Canada.

C) More interested in representing their voters and finally their consciance.

This is why , I think, David crossed the floor. As a back-bencher, in opposition, there is very little he could have done to help present "bills" that would aid all Canadians. All he could have done was complain about the changes that Cnadians WANT - as compaired to the power hungry Liebrals. His move was the best thing that could have done for the voters he represents, he has a voice in cabinet compaired to a whisper in the opposition.

Personally I think if a politician crosses the floor he/she should sit as an independant. That way he/she could vote for what he/she feels is best for Canada, not a political party. Both David and Belinda have an equal say in this debate - as well as others that crossed the floor for whatever reason. An examplw would be te "free vote" that the Conservitaves "promised" on the defination of "family" instead of following political party lines. (how many Liebrals wanted to vote one way but were forced by party policy to vote against their consciance and their voters?)

No laws have been broken. If there are to be changes, then AFTER the law is voted upon by Paralament and the Liebral Senate - which could take a year - then we all can complain and demand a recall - which by the way was proposed by the Reform Party of Canada - and sset limitations upon that particular politician. I think it is time the Liebrals stop complaining and get on with the best for Canada - pass the Conservitive bills. Have the Government be more accountable to Canadians and not political parties.


I say, join the Clown Party of Canada. The official opposition of the Rhino Party - whatever they promise - we would doubble.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thank you Harper

Perhaps Tory Garth Turner should cross the floor and join the corrupt Liebral party, if he could stoop that low (He would be better going independment rather than boarding a sinking ship)

Some Liebrals suggest that the they have ethics? Strange. When the books are opened and Canadians see how the Liebrals wasted my hard earned tax dollars then only a Liebral can say, "these is our ethics."

One good thing about what has happened through this is that NOW Canadians want Paralament and Senate reform. While the Liebral's were in power this never made it past the last two Liebral Prime Ministers. Now will the Liebrals call for senate reform?

And now the Liebrals see that crossing the floor to another party should not be awarded with a high profile cabinet post - as what Belinda received from the Liebrals.

So in the long run Harper has brought these issues to the forefront and Caadians WANT change in the way the government works - even the Lebral Party. Harper has done Canada a great service - now thre will probably be change.


I say join the C.L.O.W.N. Party of Canada! Members will be independment - therefore the only representation would be for those who put them in powre. Their vote will be on issue by issue not based on "party" platforms.

*<{:oD Paty of Canada